How to Easily Build a Stunning Platform Deck

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Use of wood tile on a deck

Relaxing outdoors is one of the finer things in life — provided you have a good space for it. Whether you prefer to unwind alone or you like having company over, a platform deck is a perfect space to enjoy yourself outside. Here are the basic steps for how to build your very own platform deck.

First, find out whether your area has any building restrictions or if a permit is required. Once you have clearance, it is time to design your deck. Measure the dimensions of the space you want to build in and take note of any features you will need to build around. Next, determine what materials you will need and go shopping.

To start building, remove the home siding from the section where you will be installing the deck’s ledger board. Attach the ledger board to your home and add a drip edge to prevent water damage. Seal everything off with caulking.

The next big step is to set up your deck’s foundation and support beams. How challenging this will depend on how level your ground is. When you are working with uneven terrain, our pedestal deck system corrects the issue, allowing you to lay down the firm foundation your deck needs.

When the foundation is done, attach the floor joists to the deck’s support beams. Once the flooring is in place, you will sand the surface, wipe it down to remove any sanding dust, and apply the stain you want.

Build a beautiful platform deck with help from our pedestal deck system. This leveling product ensures your deck is level and at the ideal elevation.


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