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Pedestal Deck Systems

Roof Pavers, Adjustable Pedestals, Wood Tiles, Porcelain Pavers and Deck Grating

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deck pedestals

Adjustable deck pedestals are the foundation of a raised deck system. The pedestals sit on the roof surface and support the roof pavers above. Pedestals have height adjustability that makes it possible to compensate for different elevations and slopes through the roof area.

Wood deck tiles

Wood tiles are a great choice for rooftop decks. They make a beautiful deck surface that is lightweight, easy to install and durable. Wood tiles come in a variety of colors and wood species. Ipe and camaru are two of the most popular materials used in today’s modern pedestal deck systems.
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2cm porcelain pavers

2cm Porcelain deck pavers are one of the top materials used in floating decks. 2cm Porcelain tiles are perfect for pool decking and for rooftop hotel and resort patios. Elevated deck projects use 2cm 24 in. x 24 in. tiles, specially designed for pedestal deck applications.

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raised deck planters

Elevated deck planters and cubes add beauty, versatility, and functionality in rooftop deck designs. Deck cubes create intimate seating areas for social gatherings. Cubes can also create green spaces for rooftop gardens and hold the weight of large trees and green scapes. Combined with a pedestal deck system, deck cubes help create lush and eco-friendly spaces.

TurfGrate™ Deck Grating

The best deck grating is now constructed of high-strength fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP). It combines the strength of steel with the longevity and lightweight characteristics of fiberglass. Turf grating TurfGrate™ offers a support surface for artificial turf deck pedestal systems that drain to the existing roof below.

roof pavers

2cm Roof pavers for raised decks create amazing outdoor spaces. From inviting pool areas to vibrant rooftop bars 2cm porcelain roof pavers make it possible. These 2cm roof pavers come in many material and several color options to suite any design need. Unlike traditional tile, 2cm porcelain deck paver tiles are thicker and stronger. They are built to be supported on pedestals and support heavy loads from deck planters and outdoor BBQ islands.

What is a pedestal deck system?

A pedestal deck system is a building technique that combines specialized construction products and materials to create a usable, safe, level deck surface on top of an existing flat rooftop that is gently sloped for drainage.

The products and materials used in creating a pedestal deck system include:

Why choose elevated deck systems®?

We have over 20 years of experience in the raised deck projects. We have provided the deck system components and building advise for hundreds of large-scale commercial deck projects throughout the US.

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Frequently Asked Deck Questions (FAQ)

A: The cost of a Pedestal deck system depends on the size of the deck area and the type of material specified. The square footage of the deck area is used to calculate the number of adjustable pedestals needed and deck material. The type of roof pavers specified also impacts the number of pedestals used in the project and the overall cost. The deck material cost varies as well. Wood deck tile is priced differently than 2cm porcelain pavers. Call Elevated Deck Systems to get an estimate today.

A: Adjustable pedestals provide a foundation that supports decking materials and ensures a flat surface on sloping roofs. They also compensate for any inclinations with a slope adjuster feature, which is essential for stability and aesthetic appeal, and they allow for proper drainage and concealment of services underneath the deck.

A: When choosing deck pedestals, consider the weight they will need to support, the material of the pavers, and the compatibility with wood tiles, porcelain pavers, or deck grating. Look for pedestals with height and slope adjustability to cater to different elevation requirements, ensuring a secure and level construction.

A: Deck systems accommodate a range of materials, such as wood tiles that bring a natural aesthetic; porcelain pavers that offer a sleek, modern finish; and deck grating for efficient drainage. These materials cater to various design preferences and functional requirements, from creating an inviting natural look to ensuring durability and ease of maintenance.

A: Deck grating systems play a crucial role in efficient water drainage, preventing pooling and related damage. They ensure the deck surface remains dry and facilitate water channeling away from the decks and towards drainage outlets, enhancing safety and prolonging the deck’s lifespan.

A: TurfGrate and TileGrate are innovative deck grating options for pedestal deck systems. TurfGrate supports turf areas ensuring durability and drainage atop urban decks, while TileGrate allows for tile installations without compromising structural integrity. Both integrate with adjustable pedestals for level adjustments and contribute to the deck’s aesthetic and functional performance.

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Pedestal deck systems have revolutionized urban landscape design. They transform unlikely outdoor spaces into stunning terraces and sublime roof top decks . Pedestal decks offer an inventive solution for level decking on uneven surfaces with adjustable pedestals – one of the biggest challenges in deck installation. They also offer many different style options to suite any design requirement. They also help achieve functional applications and come in varied materials like ipe wood tiles and porcelain pavers. Each have their own features and benefits.

rooftop deck with roof pavers around pool

Key Features of Top Pedestal Deck Products

Pedestal deck products stand out for their versatility. They also simplify installation. You will save time and money as installation is faster with a pedestal deck system. It also means that your deck project can come to life sooner! Adjustable pedestals are necessary to meet different subsurface height requirements. They allow for precise leveling and stability, even on irregular surfaces. Each product in the pedestal systems lineup is designed to be durable and look good. The adjustable pedestals can bear heavy loads and stand the test of time. At the same time, the top decking material is durable and beautiful.

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How to Install a Pedestal Deck System

To install a pedestal deck, prepare the roof or base. Mark finished heights at reference points. Set the adjustable pedestals. Add joists if needed. Place and level wood or porcelain deck tiles. Then, secure the tiles. Depending on your building codes and requirements, paver trays may be required in addition to 2cm porcelain pavers. If your deck design calls for artificial turf, a special fibergrate product is placed on the pedestals. This deck grating meets load requirements and allows for water to drain through the artificial turf. We suggest the TurfGratetm for turf application.
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Deck Grating Systems for Turf and Tile Drainage

Efficient drainage is fundamental when it comes to decking. Deck grating systems ensure proper handling of water runoff by creating a pathway for water to flow. These grates are installed on the pedestals and integrate with 2cm porcelain tile, roof pavers, wood deck tiles, and artificial turf. Deck grating stops water from pooling and the risk of water damage. The deck remains dry and safe as the grates channel water away from the surface and into the existing roof drains. TurfGratetm fiberglass reinforced grating is designed for artificial turf installation while TileGratetm is built for porcelain tile, roof pavers and concrete pavers.
Turf Grate Deck Grating
Tile Grate Tile Grating

TurfGratetm and TileGratetm Structural Grating

When considering materials for a pedestal deck system, structural grating options like TurfGratetm and TileGratetm offer innovative solutions that are both functional and aesthetic. TurfGratetm provides a supportive foundation for turf installations, ensuring that green spaces remain durable and well-drained atop urban roof decks. Similarly, TileGrate is an excellent option for those looking to add the elegance and durability of tiles without compromising on the structural integrity of the deck system. Both materials seamlessly integrate with adjustable pedestal systems, allowing for precision in level adjustments and ease of installation. These grating options are added details that elevate the overall design and performance of deck systems, offering architects and builders new possibilities in terms of surface materials and configurations. With TurfGratetm and TileGratetm, you’re not just building a deck; you’re crafting an inviting outdoor oasis that stands the test of time.

Johnny Knight Elevated Deck Systems Expert
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Johnny Knight, Founder of Elevated Deck Systems®

General Contractor with over 40 years experience in the construction industry. Extensive experience in the technical application of pedestal decking systems for commercial roof top decks. Has been actively involved in installing/supplying pedestal decking systems for over 20 years. Provided deck products and guidance for thousands of raised deck projects throughout the United States.