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Bison Pedestals

The Foundation of an Amazing Rooftop Deck

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What is a Bison Pedestal?

The Bison Pedestal is a specialized support device used in the construction of elevated or floating rooftop decks. The Bison Pedestal adjusts to varying heights and slopes commonly found on rooftops and provides the base to hold a wide variety of decking material.

Bison Rooftop Deck Pedestals are manufactured from high strength polypropylene and are capable of supporting between 750 – 1,250 pounds per pedestal depending on the model.

bison pedestal holding pavers

Level.IT or Versadjust?

The Bison Pedestal system is available in 2 primary formats, the Level.IT and the Versadjust. Both pedestals are highly capable, easily adjustable and can support hundreds of pounds of weight. The Level.IT pedestal has a weight rating of up to 750 lbs. while the Versadjust can hold up to 1,250 lbs. In addition, the 2 models can accommodate different height requirements. The Level.IT can support roof decks as high as 12″ from the subfloor while the Versadjust can extend as tall as 36″. Depending on the nature of the project, the Level.IT and Versadjust pedestals can be both be used on the same project. This is common where larger roof cavities require a tall pedestal or sections require higher weight bearing loads. 

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How Tall Are Bison Pedestals?

The Bison Pedestals come in 2 formats to accommodate varying project requirements. These include the Bison Versadjust and Level.IT Pedestals. Using couplers, the Level.IT Pedestal can be configured as tall as 12″ in height.

The Versadjust Pedestal can reach heights of 24″ without additional bracing, and heights of 36″ with the use of additional bracing.

The Bison Pedestal system starts with heights as low as 1/8″.

How Much does a Bison Pedestal Cost?

The cost of Bison Pedestals depends on the number of pedestals need to support the elevated deck and also varies based on the height and number of elevation changes that need to be accommodated. Another factor in calculating the cost of a Bison Pedestal project is the type of deck material used as well as the load requirements. The Bison Level.IT is rated for decks with cavity depths up to 12″ and 750 lbs. per pedestal while the Versadjust Pedestal can be installed where deck cavities of up to 36″ are needed. The cost of Bison Pedestals on an elevated deck depends on the number of pedestals required. This directly related to the tile choice. Different tile material will affect the number of pedestals needed. Since all tiles share a pedestal with another adjacent tile, typically one pedestal is required per 24” x 24” tile. By providing your basic project details including the square footage, elevation and shipping zip code, the cost of Bison Pedestals along with tile and shipping can be calculated. Some tiles will require more pedestals depending on its structural integrity. 

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Bison Pedestals Authorized Dealer

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How do I install bison pedestals?

The Bison Pedestal system is easy to install for the perfect rooftop deck system. First, clear the rooftop area of debris and rinse with water. Next, determine your tile layout and snap a chalk-line grid. Begin placing the Bison Pedestals in the intersections of the layout.  Level the pedestal using a small torpedo level or target level.   Next, adjust the pedestal height in accordance with your finished height, allowing for the thickness of your deck material. Place your tile on the 4 pedestals. Make any adjustments so the tile is level and fully supported by the corners.  Continue to the next tile.  Make sure all sides of the perimeter of the deck is “contained”, or physically butting up to the building, wall, curb, etc. 

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