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October 2019

Elevated Outdoor Seating for Restaurants

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elevated deck

As a restaurant owner, you’re always looking for new ways to attract diners. If your establishment is full to bursting most nights, it’s a sign that you’re doing something right. However, you’d be wise to consider adding more seating, since long wait times eventually lead to unhappy guests. Doing so is easy with an elevated deck tailored to your restaurant’s unique needs.

Many restaurateurs blanch at the idea of upgrading their square footage since it usually means packing up and moving. Today, though, more and more eateries prefer to hold onto their prime real estate and expand in other ways. One of the most common (and affordable) expansion options involves adding an outdoor deck to the front or back of a restaurant.

Elevated decks are convenient for several reasons. For one thing, certain brands (Bison, for example) offer pedestal systems suitable for different elevations. This means that even if your land isn’t totally even, you can still easily add a deck that’s stable and secure.

Another great benefit of elevated decks is their flexibility when it comes to the weather. Awnings can be added to shelter diners from the sun and rain, and in winter, outdoor heating lamps can instantly transform your deck into a cozy retreat. Your deck is adjustable for all seasons.

Best of all, decks are multi-purpose. Even if seating is your priority, you’ll be glad to have the extra space should you ever host a special event or celebration at your restaurant.

The Benefits of Adjustable Deck Supports

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Level.It™ deck supports

When you’re ready to add a deck to your property, it can be tempting to jump right in without much further thought. But even if you have a satisfying design and all the materials you need, there are still a few important factors to consider. For example, if your deck needs maintenance later on, how easily can you access its underside? Or, if you’d like to add more furnishings, how will you know your deck is up to the weight?

With adjustable deck supports from Elevated Deck Systems, however, these questions are no cause for concern. That’s because Bison pedestals account for matters like these–and more, in fact. With Level.It™or Versadjust™ pedestals on hand, you can enjoy complete peace of mind for the foreseeable future, whether maintenance, weight, or another issue comes up. Here’s why:

Adjustable deck supports are strong. So strong, in fact, that Level.It™ pedestals can support up to 750 pounds each. Go ahead and buy that new outdoor furniture set.

Adjustable deck supports are easy to replace. It’s easy to lift them when maintenance is needed. Should you ever need to replace them, that’s easy, too.

Adjustable deck supports are dynamic. No matter which material you build your deck with, it’s overwhelmingly likely that Elevated Deck Systems’ supports are compatible.

Don’t let worries about maintenance, support, and other factors stop you from building the deck of your dreams. Adjustable deck supports take the worry out of installation.