How to Build a Wood Deck with Adjustable Deck Supports

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Wooden rooftop deck

A deck needs to be level. However, creating a level surface to build a deck upon can take a lot of time, money, and effort. Fortunately, there are other solutions like adjustable deck supports. These supports allow you to build a level wood deck even over a sloping or uneven foundation without investing in more expensive structures such as sleepers or bearers.

Whether you are building on uneven ground or over pipes, cables, or ducts, these adjustable supports make it simple. In most cases, you place support at each corner of the deck and adjust it to the appropriate height to make the overall deck level. Some of the supports available cover heights ranging from 1 ¼” to 12”. Some projects may require additional supports under the center or midway along the deck to ensure the deck is well grounded and safe. Talk to your contractor to determine how many supports would be right for your project.

It is also essential to make sure your support has the necessary weight bearing capacity. The best adjustable supports have a capacity of up to 750 lbs., which is more than enough for most jobs. However, if you are building a particularly large deck, you may need more; ask your contractor if you are unsure.

Ensure your deck project is level and well-grounded with adjustable deck supports. Our supports have a weight bearing capacity of up to 750 lbs.


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