Create an Outdoor Oasis for Your Employees with a Floating Deck

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In today’s contemporary work environment, employees are more productive–and also being subjected to higher levels of stress. As workdays become longer and deadlines become tighter, there is little time for a person to unplug and take a breather.

Work-life balance is a much-debated topic. While the solution to the problems it highlights won’t arrive overnight, you can do things at your facility to give your workers a little more comfort while they’re on break. To start, you can install a floating deck system.

How to Set the Scene

Studies have shown that when workers take frequent breaks, they are better able to focus and get things done. By adding a calming element to the environment, you will notice that your employees will be better prepared to take on the day.

How do you design a floating deck system for breaks? First, set the scene. A workplace that doesn’t look the part will put people in the appropriate headspace. A popular material for deck building is hardwood. The natural color scheme evokes a warm and welcoming aesthetic.

There are other elements you can add to enhance the ambiance. Installing benches for sitting is always a good idea. Shaded spaces will also help. Finally, consider installing planter boxes and add some foliage to the mix. Elevated deck systems will make it easier to implement these fixtures while maintaining a seamless look and feel. When employees have places they enjoy visiting, they are more likely to return the favor in myriad ways. Consider installing a floating deck system and treat your workers to an outdoor oasis.


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