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The Decorating Possibilities with Rooftop Deck Systems

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rooftop deck systems

When it comes to improving the usability and beauty of your property, an elevated deck is a smart investment. Not only does it add more space to use, but it also strengthens the roofing and enhances the longevity of your building. With all that new space available, the decorating possibilities are endless. Read on to learn how you can take the visual appeal of rooftop deck systems to the next level.

Elevated deck systems add usable square footage to your property, and everyone appreciates more space. You will be free to move around and personalize your rooftop to create a unique home or office. Here are just a few decorating ideas you can take to incorporate into your design:

Outdoor Haven: Being on the roof imparts a sense of openness and freedom that yards cannot quite emulate. A rooftop deck system can be fitted with pavers that look like natural stone, and you may add planter boxes so your design may include shrubbery, trees, and other greenery.

Gardening Plots: In that same vein, rooftops are a popular spot for establishing gardens. With plenty of access to rain and sunshine, you are free to grow fruits, vegetables, and other produce. Whether for the office or apartment complex, community gardens are a great way to strengthen a sense of camaraderie between coworkers and fellow tenants.

Entertainment Center: With the right lighting, furniture, and equipment, you can make your rooftop the premier destination for parties and get-togethers. Elevated decks are a great way to improve the entertainment possibilities for your home.

Also, elevated decks and rooftop systems will enhance the value of your property. With so many different decorating possibilities, your options are virtually limitless. Get in touch with your contractor to begin brainstorming ideas for your ideal rooftop deck.

All about Hydrapressed Concrete Pavers

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hydrapressed concrete pavers

Elevated decks add style and sophistication to any space. Whether as part of a home patio or a rooftop garden of an office building, decks are a sound investment that adds beauty and versatility. As with any investment, the right materials can go a long way in reinforcing the strength and aesthetic appeal of your space.

The deck is designed for pedestrian traffic. Therefore, it makes sense to think carefully about the walking surface. Many property owners are turning to HydraPressed concrete pavers as their decking of choice, and for good reasons:

Durability: As its name implies, HydraPressed pavers are crafted from concrete that has been treated with high, hydraulic pressures. The resulting product is a highly dense paver that withstands foot traffic, impacts, and the effects of weathering easily.

Artistry: Thanks to the manufacturing process, HydraPressed pavers come in a variety of styles, including the appearance and texture of natural stone. Its striking visual appeal gives rooftops and residential decking a distinctive ambiance.

Versatility: HydraPressed pavers are compatible with a variety of decking materials and configurations, including decking pedestals and surfaces with angled grading. Their uniform shape facilitates drainage and air circulation, which protects the integrity of substrates and roofing.

HydraPressed concrete pavers strike a fine balance between form and function. When lasting strength and visual appeal are priorities in your elevated deck project, consider concrete pavers as a sound option.

Safety Features of Above-Ground Decks

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Elevated deck in progress

Adding an elevated deck onto a home can increase living space and create an excellent environment for homeowners to relax outdoors. However, elevated decks also bring up questions about safety. When built correctly with the right components, elevated decks are incredibly safe.

These decks can add an intricate and enjoyable level to the home’s design, as well as multiple ways to enjoy the outdoor space. Whether a home has numerous stories or is a bi-level design, an elevated deck can help homeowners make better use of their space.

For example, creating a sundeck or shaded sitting area outside of an upper floor’s room could serve as a secondary seating area for larger get-togethers. It can also help provide an excellent view for homes that reside further away from the central part of town.

Elevated decks can also be used as additional outdoor storage. At the right height, homeowners will be able to fit various outdoor equipment and items that they may not have ample space for underneath the decking platform.

For more information on elevated deck components, contact Elevated Deck Systems® today through our contact form or by calling (877) 337-4332. We will assist you with all of your needs to ensure you build incredible structures for your clients.

Welcome to Our Blog

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Ipe deck

At Elevated Deck Systems®, we specialize in providing pre-manufactured elevated decking components for commercial and residential applications. We serve customers nationwide, so everyone across the United States can experience the luxury and convenience of our products. We offer rooftop decks, pedestal pavers, raised decking supports, bison decks, and so much more.

Our goal is to provide contractors and architects with the supplies they need to create exceptional builds for their clients. Ensure your latest project goes off without a hitch when you utilize supplies from Elevated Deck Systems®. All of our products are easy to install and are manufactured to last.

When you need decking components for your next construction project, we offer everything you need and more. We offer Level.It™ and Versadjust™ Bison pedestals to help keep your deck secure through all seasons. These components are weather resistant and environmentally friendly.

Contact us today via our contact form or by calling (877) 337-4332 if you have any questions or want additional information on any of the products we offer. Our team will be happy to assist you in ensuring you are purchasing the best products for the job at hand. Please work with us today to building incredible decks for your clients.